'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad

'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tableau Vivant - The Vision Behind The Living Picture

We were just taking a walk down memory lane and thought it would be cool to repost our original 'mission statement'! Man, this makes us nostalgic.

Established in 2006 by Osman Khalid Butt, The Living Picture® exists for the sole purpose of nurturing and advancing the performing arts in Pakistan - be it in the form of theatre, television or film. The Living Picture® aims to create and perform works that not only entertain, but also enrich our society and assist the progressive evolution of culture.

Theatre is the cradle of artistic civilization. It is therefore in this sphere of the performing arts that The Living Picture® has taken wing, beginning with its first stage production, Some Like It Hot.

Our plans for theatre are not limited to commercial plays: soon we hope to extend our reach to theatre workshops and drama festivals in schools and colleges. For future musical productions, the company intends to encourage live musicians to offer their participation, especially if they would like to present their own original compositions. Furthermore, in collaboration with other production companies and theatre groups in Islamabad, we would like to actively advocate the construction of a theatre house in our great capital, so that this prospering new discipline can be given a rightful home.

The Living Picture® is always keen to welcome new blood into the fold. Creative individuals who possess a genuine passion for the performing arts are encouraged to join in and contribute to our projects in whatever capacity they have to offer. If you have any idea you'd like to share, or are looking at a possible collaboration, please email us at livingpictureproductions@gmail.com.

With our hard work and dedication, and your support and encouragement, we hope to achieve our goals and give you the theatre you so richly deserve. High our aims may be, and rather ambitious, but as they say: 'The theatre is no place for small dreams.'

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