'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad

'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guess Who Paid Us a 'Call'...

... And naturally, we 'let him in'. =D (I'm sorry, I'm trigger-happy with corny puns.)

Junaid Khan, lead vocalist of Call, came to see Let Me In and had some great things to say about the production!

"I have to give credit to Islamabad for keeping theater alive. I myself love seeing interesting concepts being executed onstage. And from what I have seen, this play has been one of the best in terms of direction and not to mention acting as well. There was perfection in every department. Especially the lighting and the music - so beautifully placed that I felt as though I was watching a thriller at a cinema. Great going, team. Our country needs people like you to revive the focus on entertainment in this country. Good luck."

Thank you so much for coming to watch, Junaid. And for that truly uplifting message! =)

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