'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad

'Let Me In' - Now Playing at the PNCA Auditorium, Islamabad
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Cast & Crew Discusses What’s In Store For You With ‘Let Me In’

Why, hello there. We’ve got the cast and crew of Let Me In talking about the play and why no theatre-loving Islooite should miss it. Here's what they have to say:

Khawaja Eesa: “It's the first of its kind to be staged here in Islamabad – a contemporary horror/thriller. Lots of shocks and twists!”

Rubya Chaudhry: “The intensity of it. It’s a challenge to execute something of this nature. If I were an audience member, I would be on the edge of my seat, heart beating really, really fast. It's a kick!”

Fareeha Raza:
“It’s a thriller/horror so it’s something different for Islamabad’s theatergoers to see. Every human being has an animal inside, that makes them want to do crazy things...”

Ahmed Ali:
“Given the very natural and everyday-life setting of the play, it's going to be a very up-close-and-personal experience for the audience. After all, we fear each other more than anything else.”

Sundus Jamil:
“It is *intense*. Our director always ends the day on a lighter note – and honestly, after such an intense play, you need to have a laugh (or two).”

Sofia Wanchoo Mir:
“It’s a piece of art, in my opinion. The intensity is its biggest thrill; it is left echoing within you – goosebumps galore. Once you allow yourself to dwell within it, it becomes a labyrinth and the experience just heightens. What human beings really fear is fear itself.”

Waqas Sheikh: “The script. The actors. The director. Michelle Api!”

Mustafa Ali Khan:
“The strengths of Let Me In are its tight and engrossing script, its very experienced ensemble cast, the uncompromising director and production team – and of course, the fact that like all Living Picture productions this too pushes the envelope. This experience has been challenging for me personally because the play demands more from me as an actor than I have ever performed before - it has, for the first time, made me question my abilities. And that in itself makes me want to prove myself.”

Uzair Jaswal:
“I think the only reason I’m doing this play is because I really like the whole concept and the script, and I thought it was something really unusual. And I knew that doing this, for the actors, and watching it, for audiences, both would be a great experience.”

Saudumar Khan:
“The horror elements are very gripping and will keep the audiences in awe. Another thing that really works for the play is the chemistry between different characters throughout its duration. There is nothing darker about human nature than the art of manipulation.”

Zainab Qaiserani: “Aside from The Good Doctor (which was more macabre than outright horror), there hasn’t been a single attempt at putting on a true horror/thriller show. Let Me In will be the first of its kind (as all of LPPs plays have been so far), and I believe there is a huge market for it (Islamabad is FULL of hard core horror buffs). The fact that it’s in capable hands for every aspect of it (script, direction, costumes, production, acting) is a HUGE reason it’ll work; this is a hard genre to pull off effectively, but Osman is THE person to succeed (being a huge horror buff himself). And not to sound smug, but we have an AMAZING team. Every single one.”

Alina Khan:
“There isn't a single actor who doesn’t do justice to their role. There's a lot of suspense. It’s very well written. Every audience member can relate to at least one of the characters. Thus I feel their interest will linger a little longer than it does for most plays.”

Ismail Kayani:
“A powerful script. This is *actually* something different.”

Zainab Zaman Khan Afridi:
“It hasn’t happened before, the concept, so this should be a breath of fresh air for Islamabad’s theatregoers - or rotten in a pleasurable sick way? Great cast and crew as always. It brings back the artistic touch in theater.”

Haris Shahbaz: “A story that is not just thrilling, but actually very scary!”

Qazi Jabbar Naeem: “The play tests the true nature of morality and will surely pop quite a few questions in the audience's minds. The gradual progression from the first scene to the final one is very enthralling. And let's not forget - this play is the first of its kind on the Islamabad theatre scene. The excitement of being part of it is more than overwhelming, and everyone's doing their bit to make it truly memorable.”

Azam Noon:
“Humans if left without checks and balances will resort to their primitive selves - that is the theme Let Me In explores. How with a little motivation and encouragement individuals will manifest their very basic selves.”

Aashir Irfan: “I take pride in working for the Living Picture Productions, knowing that at the end of the day no matter what Osman does, it'll be a work of art. Not only is he a genius when it comes to storytelling and execution, he gives importance to every little detail and doesn't compromise on anything. This play is so fast-paced, our audiences won't know what hit 'em.”

Quratulain Jahangir: “Direction is an art that calls for a strictly clear sense of the final product, and Osman is one such example from the rare community of fine directors who not only know the exact intensity of the aura they tend to create but also know the best way to work around it. To me, he knows how to bring life out of a script. Only very few have the same recognition and constant reputation for excellence, so when you’re at a theatre and you know you’re watching Obi’s play, you know you’re going to watch the best play ever.”

Sabah Nawaz: “This play is beyond anything that has been staged yet, mainly because of its plot and its cast. Everyone's done a fantastic job bringing it to life; eerily enough to life.”

Fahad Saeed: “It is very different from most plays we see nowadays. It’s a thriller and only a director like Osman can pull it off with perfection.”

(All photographs by Omar Khalid Butt.)

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